Jul 12, 2009

Last Powerhouse Museum Workshop July

Hi All

The exhibition is coming up soon and we are having our final workshop at the Museum on Sunday the 26th of July.

Workshop in Woolongong - At the Wollongong City Gallery - 18th July. 12pm - 4pm
We have a workshop and display coming up in Castle Hill - Discovery Centre on Sat 8th August 10am - 2pm. 172 Showground Rd Castle Hill.

Also the Ultimo Library workshop 3 August 11am - come along.

Come along - bring your finished coral along to be included in the exhibition.


  1. Thought I should point out that "Woolongong", is actually spelt Wollongong....

  2. Oh yes true - all that 'Wool' is getting on the brain - thanks. xx

  3. I will be bringing a whole lot of crochet from a group of students from the International Grammar School on Sunday 26th to add to the reef project. They have really enjoyed our lunchtime crochet meetings and are looking forward to visiting the exhibition! Can we add our name to the list of contributors? We don't need individual names but something like "the hyperbolic crochet club members from IGS" would be great. Also, my husband and daughter have contributed. I'll give you their names on Sunday! This has sparked a lot of enthusiasm whenever I mention it and I can't wait to see the finished reef!