Apr 29, 2009

Beautiful Atoll

This is a New Reef Image sent to us from Margaret from the global hyperbolic crochet coral reef.

Ladies Silurian Atoll by the Institute For Figuring
Photo © IFF 2009, by Francine McDougall.

Getty Images

Last Thursday Scientists released a report that showed that a section of the reef that was being killed off by global warming has regenerated - Some of the factors assisting the recovery have been isolating this part of the reef from pollution - this was the influuence for our new network name from sundays workshop- hyperbolic pollution.
Have a read of this article about the regeneration as there are interesting new observations on how 'the reef managed "asexual re-growth" from surviving tissue fragments '

Apr 28, 2009

Hyperbolic Pollution

Thanks everyone for coming to the workshop on Sunday - its so good to see everyone and your amazing work.

This is a great video of Margaret Weitheim on TED talks - gotta see it its really interesting. Video here.

Apr 18, 2009


With a few months to go till the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef will be exhibited, there's still time to contribute to the installation.

We're holding another workshop next Sunday, April 26th at the Powerhouse Museum from, 3-5pm, where you can learn how to crochet these amazing hyperbolic shapes, or just hang out and crochet coral with other people who already know how.

Also a reminder that if you have finished any coral you can send it to 'In Stiches' 7 / 195 - 199 Rochford St Erskineville NSW 2043

Apr 6, 2009

Power House

Thanks to everyone who came to our first workshop at the Museum. Hyperbolic- Oil.

We were happy to see everyone and to see some experimentation like using Rope and a crochet hook.


Here are some Hyperbolic Patterns for you to download the PDF. We hope you find them useful. We have put them on a public archive. Go to the Left hand side of the archive under viw - book and click on the PDF. You can see two PDF files, the first one is the pattern the second is an information brouchure.

There are also lots of 'how to' resources out there here is a good general crochet- beginners video.

Also here is really nice stop frame animation created by Annette Young of the Psudosphere on YouTube.