Jun 18, 2009

Christine's Visit

Christine Wertheim

It was interesting to have Christine Wertheim out here from LA. She had some really great tips about installation and how the other reef projects have been put together.

Collected Coral

Thank you to all who could to be there.

Reef Forms
The reef forms are evolving and now embody cylindrical bases, branched forms, twisty kelp's and more - people are having fun and exploring the possibilities. We are seeing some beautiful colours and interesting experiments with materials as well.

It is better if the forms tops and bottoms are not stitched together so we have more options for colour arrangement in the installation. Coral can also be stuffed with filling and wired to hold its structure - you can do this at home but if it will inhibit postage In Stitches can do this.

People's work is beginning to come in the post, which is fantastic. We are beginning to see how it will fit together. Its an exciting and time consuming job so if you have finished some pieces don't hesitate to Send Them In, Or bring them into the next workshop on the 28th of June. A reminder to everyone that all donated Coral will be Kept for further showing of the hyperbolic crochet coral reef. The Exhibition is not far off now so put it in your diary. 21st - 30th August.

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  1. Hello from the UK,
    I'm been following the developments of the reef, and wondered are you only accepting contributions from Australia ? I wasn't in a position to contribute to the UK one last year, so wondered whether contributing to the Australian Reef might be a possibility. I can be contacted at hookandscumble@yahoo.com
    Kind Regards